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Conditions of Use


The following terms and conditions will rule our web page operations.

 By placing your orders with us, you are formally accepting these terms and conditions.

  • Please allow us up to 3 business days to process your online orders.
  • OTB FOODS INC at its sole discretion, keeps the right to accept or reject any purchase order and for any reason. In the event to reject a purchase order, OTB FOODS INC will notify the customer as soon as possible by e-mail, fax or telephone, at its choice.
  • No credit sales will take place without the Customer’s Credit Application Form completed and signed accordingly. In this situation, Prepaid, COD or CHOD (Cheque on Delivery) sales condition will be applicable.
  • Prices may change without notice. OTB FOODS INC will notify all price changes to the subscribers of our Newsletter or the customers that have filled in the “Customer’s Credit Application Form”.
  • OTB FOODS INC keeps the right to deny or cancel at any time any subscription to our Newsletter.
  • All prices are FOT (Free On Transport), meaning that the shipping and delivery cost will be included on the commercial invoice and paid by the customer. The customer has the right to request an estimate for these charges prior to accepting the sale.
  • All international courier orders will be understood DDU (Delivery Duties Unpaid) as per the Incoterms 2000, ICC (International Chamber of Commerce).
  • Credit terms and due dates are strictly enforced. OTB FOODS INC keeps the right to put “on hold” or “not release” an order if a balance is past due.
  • OTB FOODS INC at its sole discretion keeps the right to charge interest on past due balances. For this purpose, we establish the same interest rate as the major credit cards (VISA, AMEX, MASTERCARD, the highest) charge for default accounts. If this happens, OTB FOODS INC will produce a Debit Note for the interest charges and the customer, by using the buying routines of our web page accepts to pay it.
  • If there is a past due balance and the customer is not showing intentions to pay it soon after requested, a collection agency my be hired. OTB FOODS INC will not be held responsible of any of the consequences that this may produce to the customer.
  • If a collection agency must be hired, the customer accepts to pay all the related expenses + an administrative fee of CAD 100.00
  • All banking expenses + a CAD 25.00 fee will be charged to any rejected cheque by our bank due to lack of funds.
  • All claims for damaged or shortage must be placed within 24 hours of the reception of the merchandise.
  • No returns or exchanges will be accepted after 30 days of the purchase date. Shipping charges will be applicable for outgoing exchanges or replacements.
  • If there is a conflict, the Laws of Ontario, Canada, will be applicable.
  • OTB FOODS INC at its sole discretion keeps the right to make exceptions to these rules. 
  • All urgent orders must be requested in written and OTB FOOODS Inc. keeps the right to accept or reject them.
  • Even though OTB FOODS Inc. chooses the most efficient and responsible service providers in the market, it can not be held accountable for the performance of any of them.