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Olive oil is an essential ingredient in the kitchen. It's called the liquid gold. No matter how you use it, olive oil is an essential ingredient in everyone’s kitchen.

Cultivation has spread from the Eastern Mediterranean to many countries around the world in the last 7000 years, but 95% of the world’s olive oil still comes from the Mediterranean, with Spain begin the largest producer with 70% of the world production. 

It’s said that a dish containing olive oil will only ever be as good as the oil in it. A high-quality oil elevates humble ingredients, while a low-quality oil pulls down even the best ingredients.

To qualify as an EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) the Olive Oil must comply with two conditions:

  • 1 To be obtained exclusively from first press in cold and
  • 2 To have an acidity level below 1 % (some authors establish the limit at 0.8 % or lower). These 2 conditions result in the extraordinary quality of the EVOOs.

The lower the acidity, the better the EVOO is. There are two reasons to use the EVOO: your health benefits and the incredible taste.

The statistics show clearly that the countries with a “Mediterranean Diet” (rich in olives and EVOOs) have a much lower heart disease rate.              The EVOO mainly consists of monounsaturated fats, with remarkable resistance to oxidation, reducing the bad cholesterol (LDL) measured in blood. The presence of tocoferols and polyphenols in the EVOO reduces the “free radicals” activity which could be cancerous by reacting with and capturing them.

We have selected our suppliers considering the following aspects:

  1. Excellence of their products
  2. The strictest quality control procedures at all stages of the production.
  3. Environmental friendly agricultural practices so the resource is renewable with a low ecological impact.

 In gourmet cooking there is a strong tendency to consider the EVOOs as wine. You would use different wines for different dishes and cooking. The same happens with the EVOO. One EVOO could be excellent for a pesto sauce but to strong for other uses. We at OTB FOODS Inc have selected the most distinctive varieties for our customers and we strongly recommend you to explore them to find the ones that suit your taste better.