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Supracafe has over 23 years in the high quality coffee market and achieves it’s superior quality products through a strict quality control at all stages of production between harvesting to marketing. This line includes the finest selection of coffees, teas and other herbal infusions.

The “Círculo de Oro” Brand - Whole Bean Natural or Decaffeinated is famous in the Top Quality European Kitchens and now becomes available in Canada and USA through OTB FOODS Inc.


Quality, Social Responsibility and respect for the environment

Since the very beginning, we are focused on the solidarity principles with the coffee growers.

In this way, we have strengthened our bonds with the San Isidro Cooperative (Colombia).


Fair Trade products are commercialized according to the international standards of Fair Trade Labelling Organization International (FLO).

That means:

  • Producers/farmers receive a fair price, a stable minimum price guaranteed by FLO.
  • Improvement on working conditions and respect for human rights and the environment: no labour force or child labour, no discrimination, respect for the freedom of association and preservation of the environment.
  • Improvement on living conditions thanks to the premium price used for education, health, etcetera, and a strengthened autonomy of the farmers and producers’ organizations.
  • The guarantee of a “fair” origin of the products through regular controls, paying special attention to their quality: only those products with a high-standard of quality will be certified as Fair Trade.
  • The purchase of green coffee and the marketing of the roasted coffee under the Fair Trade certificate makes us work closely together with the coffee growers and their communities.
  • Supracafé and CAFE MUNDI 

                    Being a collaborating company of CAFÉ MUNDI, we assume the social responsibility as basis of every project. Thanks to our knowledge and close cooperation with producing countries of South America, from the very beginning we aim to help the coffee producing regions.

CAFÉ MUNDI is a foundation set up on July 2004 by several coffee companies. Their main aim is to improve the life conditions of the coffee growing communities by developing infrastructures and mechanisms to help them fight against poverty.

Nowadays, CAFÉ MUNDI and their collaborating companies are carrying out several important projects in Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Honduras, Kenya, Uganda, Bolivia and Vietnam.

We are pleasing coffee lovers with the best 100 % Arabica Colombian coffee

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