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  Texturas Spherification Easykit
Experience creative cooking. With the Spherification EasyKit you’ll have all the ingredients and tools that you need to carry out one of Albert and Ferran Adrià’s most emblematic techniques.

Create spheres of different sizes and shapes that explode in the mouth. The recipe book includes all the steps required to make spheres at home with many flavour options.

This EasyKit contains: Algin, to form the membrane of the spheres in the baths, Gluco to add calcium to the liquids for the spheres, Xantana to give the liquid density without modifying the flavour and Gelly, which helps to create spheres with shapes.

Texturas Cocktail EasyKit
Create the most avant-garde mixes With the Sferification EasyKit.

You’ll be able to apply well-known techniques used in cutting edge gastronomy to your "Mixology" cocktail making such as: suspension, spherification, gelification and airs.

Enjoy preparing cocktails with various flavours, shapes and textures!!

With the recipe book included you’ll learn techniques for making spectacular cocktails.

Texturas Cuisine Easykit
Enjoy preparing magical textures. With the Cuisine EasyKit you’ll be able to create some of Albert and Ferran Adrià’s most popular textures: airs, hot and cold gelatins, coatings, emulsions….

A distinctive feature of the ingredients in this kit is their ability to modify textures without altering the flavour of your creations.

Texturas Patisserie Easy kit

Taste the sweet evolution.
With the Patisserie EasyKit you’ll be able to make some of Albert and Ferran Adrià’s most popular sweet creations with ease. These ingredients may be used on their own or in combination with others.

Use Yopol when you want to add yoghurt flavour without adding water. Azuleta sweetens with the flavour, aroma and colour of violets. Crumiel is for adding the flavour of honey and a crunchy textures. Sparkys adds a crackle and fizz effect, providing a crunchy texture and a light fruity flavour.

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